Busi Car

Companies who provide a specific service need a vehicle that is going to meet their requirements. Auto Detective can find that vehicle that will meet your specified criteria allowing you to take care of your business.

So if you are a business that needs to grow your existing fleet but need the cars to match; or are starting up and can't afford to take the risk of buying an unreliable/unsuitable car, then talk to us! 

Companies like "Beer Porter" needed a Ute that can tow 2000kg every day but because it is a start up business so budget constraints meant that he could only spend $15,000. Auto Detective found the right vehicle that reflected the business and exceeded the capabilities of what they were after while adhering to all set out criteria.




  • Tailored vehicle searches to match your existing fleet
  • Simply fill in our vehicle requirements form to tell us what you need
  • Full Mechanical Inspections on proposed vehicles
  • Ability to fit aftermarket accessories as required to match other fleet vehicles





Let Auto Detective take the stress out of expanding your fleet.