Finding the Perfect Car for You

In our experience in the Automotive industry the most common question we get asked when people want to buy a car is "What is the best car t buy?" The answer to this question depends on many varying factors. What are you buying the car for?, What features do you want in the car?, How much do you want to spend?

Figuring this out is made easy with Auto Detective. Our Questionnaire asks you the right questions to make sure that we can find you the right car and provide our unrivalled, comprehensive full vehicle inspection as part of the service so you know that you aren't paying too much for a sub standard vehicle. 


What we offer:

  • Access to our personalised questionnaire 
  • A reply within 2 business days with a selection of a minimum of 5 vehicles for you to choose from with a brief explanation of each
  • A next day follow up phone call to talk to you about your decision
  • Full mechanical inspection and detailed report on the selected vehicles condition
  • This is a personalised service tailored to your requirements not a generic computer generated list



“Saved me from getting ripped off!."

I've never been a big car person, but i decided to try and buy a second-hand car online by myself. I found one that I thought looked good, but when I went to see it the guy tried the hard-sell and I didn't feel comfortable. My friend recommended Auto Detective, and Kym came and looked at the car with me. He stopped me from buying an absolute bomb! Kym then found me a car that was mechanically reliable and cheaper than the one I was originally looking at. I've since recommended him to all my friends!

— Amy

“The ideal car shopping companion”

"I recently decided to purchase my first car after years of riding a scooter. With a set budget and limited experience with cars I decided to engage the services of the Auto Detective. After meeting Kym I knew I had made the right decision and that he would be able to ensure I bought the best value car that would most suit my needs. Kym's sound knowledge of all things cars made him the ideal 'car-shopping' companion to deal with with pushy salespeople and weed out any 'lemons'. Kym took into account all aspects of my life to ensure I would buy a car that best suited my needs both professionally and to accommodate my growing family. 

— Sarah and Callum

“As a pensioner I needed a reliable car”

"When my car overheated and died so I needed to replace it.  Being a pensioner I didn't have a-lot of money to spend and I don't drive much but I needed a car that was cheap and reliable. Auto Detective found the perfect car for me. My car It is fuel efficient, easy to park, has power steering and looks quite smart. I couldn't be happier."

— Gladys



Let us find the right car for you. Why risk buying the wrong car?