Sell My Car

Selling your car can be a difficult process. Wondering if you are getting a good price and dedicating the time to taking pictures, writing an advert and posting it online can all just become too hard. Not to mention if you are trading in a vehicle to a car yard the trade in price is normally astronomically below what the market value is for the said vehicle. 

Why sell yourself short? With Auto Detective's Sell My car service We come to you, asses your vehicle, give you a price to advertise at, take photos, write your advert, field all calls arrange for people to come and look at your vehicle and negotiate a price that satisfies your requests. All you are left with is the extra money that you otherwise would have received for the car without the hassle of selling it and time wasting.



What you get:

  • We advertise your car on your behalf
  • We take the photos
  • We write your advert
  • We asses your vehicle and give you a price you can expect to get
  • We field all calls and arrange times for prospective buyers to inspect the vehicle
  • We can negotiate on price on your behalf

Some people we have helped

I would highly recommend this service to anyone.

"The Auto Detective not only managed to find a buyer for our vehicle within 2 days, but also got us about $3000 more for the car than we were expecting"

— Aedan.




Let Auto Detective get you the money that your car is worth, Not what others try and tell you its worth.